You? A Catechist?

TO be a catechist means that you are willing to echo the Faith to the future church--our young people. To be a catechist is way more than being just a volunteer!


As a volunteer-driven ministry, we rely heavily on the Lord moving YOUR heart and calling you into this ministry. You were created for discipleship! We need you! If you want to volunteer as a catechist, assistant, substitute, or even a traffic helper, check the box on the registration form—if there isn’t a box write us a note and tell us what you prefer. Every year we need new people! If you assist—your tuition will be cut in ½. If you teach, your religious education could be FREE!


If you are not registering anyone, and the Lord has simply promted you to look up your church website. . . GOOD JOB! Send Jordan an email at so you can get the ball rolling!


You might also want to check out our Shield the Vulnerable Link. You will have to complete STV in order to volunteer. :-)