Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a volunteer in Religious Education?

    We want everyone to ask this question! As a volunteer driven ministry, we rely heavily on the Lord moving your heart and calling you into this ministry. You were created for discipleship! We need you! If you want to volunteer as a catechist (that means teacher), assistant, substitute, or even hall monitor, check the box on the registration form—if there isn’t a box write us a note and tell us what you prefer. We will call you and send you our volunteer packet. Ideally, you would serve during the time your child is in class. Every year we need new people! If you assist—your tuition will be cut in ½. If you teach, your religious education could be FREE!

  • Is there a special/separate registration for Confirmation?

    NO! Confirmation classes begin in December/January. Please read the information under the 'Sacraments' tab for more details.

  • Do I HAVE to give my email address?

    Yes! You do! Our main form of communication is  email which will be coming directly from our office. We will not share your email with anyone. This is also the main way that families find out about emergency closings and other important information. If you do not have an email address, you must get one.

  • What if my child has some learning challenges or disabilities?

    Please tell us! We will keep all of your child’s information private. Because we are a volunteer driven ministry, a catechist can become easily overwhelmed when he or she has 3 or 4 students that need special attention. If we know about these needs ahead of time, we can address them and thereby enhance the religious education for all those in our program.

  • Do I have to include the full tuition to register?

    Yes. Your registration will NOT BE PROCESSED if your payment is not forth-coming. That being said, we continue our long-standing policy that no family will be turned away because of a lack of funds. If you need financial assistance, please submit a request in writing and include it at the time of registration. Really. . . it is that simple. We want your children in faith formation! We just are not what we could be without them!

  • What if. . . ? my children only spend every other weekend with me? What if I never had my child Baptized? What if I was never confirmed? What if my child is in 6th grade and has not yet received First Communion? What if I am just realizing . . . ? There are several personal reasons why you may not have registered your child over the past few years . . . or ever. We want to reach out to you. We are NOT here to judge you! We want your child with us in Religious Education! What if you have been away for a while? What if all of your children need to receive First Communion? Well, now is the time to call! If you have a situation that requires some special attention or extra help, pick up the phone and call Jordan Tippett in the Religious Education office. Who knows, maybe there is an option for you! You’ll never know if you don’t call!