Home Study 2016-2017 Calendar

[All grades finish the same chapters]

 (Meets 1st Wed. 6:45-8:00pm)

October 5          Chapter 1/2

November 2      Chapter 3/4/5/6

December 7      Chapter 7/8/9/10

January 4           Chapter 11/12/13/14

February 1         Chapter 15/ 16/17/18           

March  1     NO CLASS (Ash Wednesday Mass 7pm) 

March 8 (2nd Wed)     Chapter 19/20/21/22  

April 5                 Chapter 23/24/25

*May 3                Post-test/Party


 Home Study 'Logistics'

  • Home Study: 
    • 1st Wednesday of the Month in St. John School Building
    • 6:45-8:00pm
    • Available for 1st-8th grade students (who have been in Religious Ed. for prior year
  • So how does this monthly thing work?
    • With Home Study, parents work with their children at home and help them to complete the chapters every month. Then, during the one monthly class, the students will have their book reviewed and the teacher will lead a review of the chapters the students should have completed at home.

    • Class sizes are kept to a minimum. We fully anticipate Home Study to FILL this year. There is a possibility that everyone seeking Home Study will NOT be accommodated so please register early. There are LITERALLY NOT ENOUGH DESKS in some classrooms.  

    • If your child does not get into Home Study, he or she must attend a regular Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday session!

    • Home Study is not available for Confirmation classes!

  • What is the cost? 
    • 1 CHILD……..$ 85.00
    • 2 CHILDREN...$100.00

    • 3 OR MORE CHILDREN...$115.00